How to Put Part Time Job on Resume (5 Best Tips to Follow)

Yes, this is bit tough question as there is no hard and fast rule for adding your part time job on resume. No one can tell when and how to add your part time job. It is totally education guess with your experience and what type of job you are going to apply.

part time job on resume
Part time job on resume

I can provide you few tips on how to decide what part time job on resume to.

Part time job on resume: Apply part time job again?

If answer is yes, then you are good to go. You can add your previous part time experience. Because all are part time, right? They are considered as relevant experience.

Was that only job you had?

If the answer is yes, then there is no any other option. Something is better than nothing., right? Go ahead and add it. Specially you are fresh graduate or fresh out of college or applying for entry level job, then this is the one only experiences you can count on. What matter is the skills you learn from that job; you can highlight them if you are applying for relevant job.

 Was that part time job inline with your career goals or was that continuation of career path?

Then you can add it to your resume. You can explain the position fully and what you learnt from it and what skills you developed from it. Most of time it was not significant as your previous positions, but if it is inline with your career goals, nothing to worry.

Was that only for earning extra buck?

Then no need to add it your resume. For instance, you work customer care associate at Walmart as full-time basis, while you working there you do some part time wok as tutor. In that case you do not need to add tutoring role. An exception might be if you are applying for academic related position. That might add you extra marks to your resume by including tutoring part time roles.

Part time job on resume: How long was it last?

If it was last for more than a year, it’s better add it to you resume and explain the skills you developed during that time. Within a year you can be expert on that thing. It also shows your loyalty and dependability, which are characteristics that are often valued in candidates.

How to list part time job on resume?

1st method is to separate your work experience in to two parts

  1. Relevant Experience
  2. Other employment, Other experience or Additional experience ( Add this section at the end of your resume) If you name this as some specific experience like Sales Experience, Marketing Experience, Tutoring Experience that will add extra juice to your resume.

2nd method

add to your career summary. But this method is only recommended if that part time work highly related to the position you are going to apply.  

TIP: As with any job listed on your resume, keep the description focused on accomplishments and skills.

If It Doesn’t Help Your Resume, Don’t Include It. Another possibility is to leave irrelevant part-time or temporary employment off your resume.

How to write resume for part time job

Use the best format for part time job on resume

It’s fact that nowadays even finding a part-time job is somewhat challenging no matter what part-time position you’re looking for. There are so many applicants for part time jobs specially college students. And just because you’re working part-time, doesn’t mean you can get hired as soon as you applied.

  • Update your contact information
  • Optimize your LinkedIn profile
  • Check your social media profile to not to have an unappropriated contents.
  • Use chronological layout.
  • Use ATS friendly layout as most large corporations use ATS systems to filter out applicants.
  • Use legible font and it’s size.
  • Make your resume clean and pop out the text when someone sees it.

If you want to learn from A-Z about resume writing, read my comprehensive guide on resume writing.

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