Indeed Job Search Tips – 4 Things to Fine Tune (Examples)

Here we are going to talk about indeed job search tips that might save you lot of time when searching for new career opportunities.

We all are looking for jobs in different stages of professional career. It’s not an easy task take time have to much effort to find your dream job you are passionate about. Do you need to find local jobs exist in your filed of expertise from job listings fast? There are many websites that can help you with finding you are searching for. The indeed job search comes first when people search jobs. The makes an excellent online resource for finding quality, targeted job listings in your area in no time. has the look and feel of Google and the other top search engines. It’s user-friendly, uncluttered, straightforward, and easy to navigate. enables you to search millions of job listings from thousands of websites, job boards, newspapers, blogs, company career pages, and associations to find job listings that match or have similar terms related to your search query, so it saves you time and effort because you only need to perform your search in one place. So these indeed job search tips will help you to find your dream job in short time. adds countless new searches every day, so narrowing down the results to exactly what you want can make a job search far less overwhelming. Use the search filters to look at potential jobs by location, keyword, job title, salary, or company or use the advanced search option to further refine your search.

Indeed job search tips – How to use “WHAT” box

Usually we just type a single word into the “What?” box. If we type a phrase into Indeed, but don’t let Indeed know we are looking for those words side-by-side, Indeed finds all the jobs with any of those words in them — not necessarily all of the words and not side-by-side.

Indeed job search tips: Searching Exact Match
Indeed job search tips: Searching Exact Match

The fix: Like most search engines, Indeed can also search on phrases as long as it understands that’s what you want. To have Indeed find results that include your phrase, simply type your query into the “What” box, enclosed within double quotation marks, like this —

What: “part time storekeeper”

or like this

What: “maintain stores”

Then, Indeed will find all the jobs with that phrase included in the job description or job title. This is one of the best indeed job search tips.

Indeed Job search: How to find a specific job title.  

Again, Indeed will assume that you want all of the words anywhere in the job description, unless you tell it otherwise. For example, assume you want an part time job. If you type the words part and time or the phrase “part time” into the Indeed search box, it will find all of the job descriptions containing those words somewhere in the job title or job description.

But, perhaps that’s not really useful in this case because it finds the jobs that include supervising part time employees, which is not what we want. So, we can ask Indeed to only find jobs with job titles that contain the phrase “part time.”

The fix: You can tell Indeed to search only through job titles by putting title: in front of the job title, like this —

What:   title: draftsman

Indeed job search in titles
Indeed job search in titles

OR, for a job title which is a phrase —

What:   title: “part time draftsman”

Indeed job search in titles
Indeed job search in titles

Then, Indeed will find only the jobs with that word or that phrase included in the job title. Test both ways to see what works best for you.

Indeed Job Search Tips: How to find specific employer

If you want to work for a specific employer (excellent idea!) and you type that employer’s name into the “What?” box, Indeed will show you search results that include that employer’s name anywhere in the job title or job description. For major employers, search results may contain jobs from other employers who have posted jobs which involve working with that major employer, like sales representative and account manager jobs.

The fix: Indeed can find you jobs with a specific employer if you tell it that your search is for that specific employer, like this —

What: company: Apple OR What: company: “Google”

Indeed job search in titles with specific company
Indeed job search in titles with specific company

Then, Indeed will find only the jobs for that employer. Note that if the employer’s name is longer than one word, you can put quotation marks around it so that Indeed knows you want it to treat those words as a phrase. This is one of the best indeed job search tips that can help you to target specific company.

Have Indeed exclude something from results.  

Perhaps you want a job as an store bookkeeper, but you don’t want one that also requires you to be a receptionist. Indeed job search will help you in this matter. Simply place a minus sign (dash) before what you want excluded (don’t put a space after the minus sign).

Fix: Here’s how to ask to find you store bookkeeper jobs that don’t include a requirement for receptionist duties —

What:   title: “store bookkeeper” -receptionist excluding something from search excluding something from search

Perhaps you want to see store bookkeeper jobs except for a specific employer (like your current employer or an employer you’ve heard bad things about). Use indeed job search with minus sign with company name.

Fix: This is how to ask Indeed to find administrative assistant jobs, excluding those for company XYZ, Inc. —

What:   title: “store bookkeeper” -company:”XYZ, Inc.”

Type a job title, keyword, and/or company name into this field, and Indeed will show you what’s available that uses your term. This is one of the best indeed job search tips that might save you time by removing some companies from your search.

Bottom Line is very useful website when it comes your dream job hunt. You can save lot of time using Indeed job search rather than searching through different websites, newspapers, classifieds etc. In same time if you use above tips it will save you more time and also you can be a person who know the exact job positions. So use these indeed job search tips to save time and land on your dream job.

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So, Go get it.

indeed job search tips
indeed job search tips

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