Perfect resume writing tips for 2020 (8 simple tips)

Yes, it’s almost half of 2020, but we are facing extremely troublesome era that we never forget. Due COVID-19, many lost their jobs and have to start over again. Therefore you need perfect resume to get hired as soon as possible. This simple step by step guide will help you do it in right way.

But thing is resume writing is hard. Resume writing is really hard if you do not follow proper guidelines. For a lot of people, it’s tough. It isn’t very comfortable. It’s an uncomfortable style of writing, and for most of us, it’s super complicated. Because it is not what we do very often.

If you don’t have a resume to work with yet, have a look at these successful resume templates.

Let’s start with basics.

#1. Start with perfect resume header

This is the simplest section of your resume. But this is first thing hiring managers look for. So it’s very important to give them big picture of who you are and what you can do for them.

Start with your name, city and state, phone number, email and your LinkedIn profile link.

Okay, now you introduce who you are and how they can connect with you. Then you need show them what you can do for them. We use professional titles for that.

Use 2-3 professional titles that match your skill set and your applying job.

perfect resume header with name, phone number email LinkedIn profile link and professional titles
Perfect resume header

Tip: Use professional email that represent your name without any numbers or unusual characters within your perfect resume. And polish your LinkedIn profile with thorough information and professional head-shot.

#2 .Resume Summary for Killer Resume

This is most valuable real estate your perfect resume. Actually this sections is to give overall picture of what you are capable and your greatest achievements. It introduce yourself to the reader and the rest of your resume. So make this right with following tips.

  • It should show that you are relevant to job you are applying.
  • Be short, clear and tailored to the job.
  • Include years of experience, your specific industry keywords, your related achievements, relevant education
  • managerial skills and soft skills that help to perform well in that specific job.

Use single paragraph or make it to 3-5 bullet points to show off these important information.

Influential and goal-oriented marketing leader with 12+ years of experience. Track record of success within the software industry, having created marketing strategies from scratch in software companies. Some managerial experience, having led a team of 10+ marketers, designers, and writers, driving over $500,000 revenue within the year. Ms. in Software Engineering.

There is discussion is going on about resume objective. Use resume objective only in if you are fresh graduate and you do not have any related experience or you are going to change your career.

#3. Your Professional Experience

Normally we use reverse-chronological order to write work experiences. What it simply means you should start this section from your most recent job.

structure of Professional Experience in perfect resume
Work experience structure for perfect resume

Important points for work experience section

  • Show your career development over the years with skills and professionalism.
  • Show how you handled the company responsibilities.
  • Limit this up-to 3-4 of your most recent jobs. Do not include everything you did since high school if you have have lot of experience.
  • Add short company description under company name which describe what is the company and what they do.
  • List your responsibilities and key achievements
  • Whenever possible, try to quantify your achievements and responsibilities.

It’s well know fact that numbers are better than words. Always try show tour experience through accomplishments or numbers. It shows your highlights and how you excelled at what you did.

Increased monthly social media engagement from 5% to 25%, follower count by 2500 within 3 months.

#4. Education section for Perfect Resume

Education is really important part if you have less work experience, but if you have lot of experience, education section become less important. Anyway you have mention in right way to make your perfect resume.

Education is also written in reverse-chronological way. It shows your reader what is your recent education qualification.

Structure of education section for perfect resume
Structure of education section for perfect resume

It ‘s not recommended add your GPS to resume if it’s less than 3.00 of 4.00. If you have more than 75%, it’s okay to add to your perfect resume.

Don’t go too far, no one cares about your high school diploma when you have a master degree.

#5. How to show off your skills in perfect resume

You should add skills carefully according to your competencies and your applying job description. You should carefully analyze it find out what they are looking for.

Just don’t fill up this section what ever you can find from the internet. It’s big no and it shows your incompetency for the job you are applying.

Primarily there are two types. Hard (Technical) skills and Soft skills.

For an example, if the employer is looking for a architectural designer skilled in Revit or SketchUp, and you don’t have it mentioned in your resume, then your resume will not go far until final decision taker.

  • Show what you know
    • If you’ve worked with Revit, for example, you can mention what, exactly, you’ve worked on: “Urban Buildings, Residential, Landscape.”
  • Back it up with experience (if you can) – In the same Revit example – if you can direct them to the portfolio you’ve worked on, this will give the recruiter a real idea of your expertise. There is a high chance you will get the golden interview call if you can impress them with your designs.

Mentioning soft skills is very tricky part, as most of them are very broad and can not be measured. For an example “Leadership or critical thinking, multitasking, detail oriented” etc.)

For more in-depth guide on writing resume, please refer our comprehensive resume writing guide.

#6. Additional Resume Sections

Above sections should be included in everyone’s resumes, but there are some sections that come up important according to applying job. Also you can add some of then to give personalized touch to your resume.

Certifications and Licenses – There are some industries that, you should have some certificate or license to legally work (eg. Healthcare workers).

Languages: Some multinational companies prefer bilingual candidates

Publications and Projects: This is also great way to show your extra skills like writing.

Volunteer Works: It shows your commitment and values for the society. It boosts your employability.

Awards: Awards are also good way show your competencies that other candidiates don’t have.

Hobbies and Interests: Adding hobbies and interests make you more team player, nowadays most employers looking for them.

#6. Finally, Proof-read for perfect resume

If the hiring manager find any silly grammar or spelling mistake, it will not in good way for your resume. It shows your carelessness. It will make doubtful thoughts in recruiter about you.

Therefore it’s highly recommended to at least 2-3 time proofread your resume. Also you can choose professional tools like Grammarly or you can get help from your colleagues too.

#7. It’s always better to have killer cover letter with perfect resume

Yes, you read it right. It’s always better have killer cover letter. It’s basically resume of resume. It highlight your strongest points and give your overall image to reader with why you are perfect candidate to them. It invites recruiters to review your resume and get final decision for interview call.

Killer cover letter should include;

  1. Address your cover letter properly
  2. Standout Opening
  3. General experience
  4. Your achievements (2-3)
  5. Add Call-to-Action at the end
  6. Tailor your cover letter for specific job, do not use general cover letter again and again. It will not take any attention.


You are now know how to play game of resume writing, therefore no longer have to be afraid of writing a resume. This is a summary of our tips to perfect resume. you follow these tips, you are almost there to land on your dream job.

Your resume header and summary sections is the most valuable real estate of your resume. So use it wisely to make the greatest impact.

You have to optimize your skill section to match your job description. Be careful when you adding broad terms.

List your education section with proper structure. Do not list more than 2 qualifications unless it’s highly relevant to your applying job.

Work experience, use proper structure as shown above and do not list more than 3 jobs, add both responsibilities and achievements with quantifiable numbers.

Have any question on writing a resume with regarding each section of resume? Join our exclusive community. There are so much going on there.

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Perfect resume writing tips for 2020 simple resume writing tips
Perfect resume writing tips for 2020

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