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Resume Template for Word

This easy-to-use resume template will quickly transform your resume, so you can feel confident applying to your dream job. Includes everything you need to make your resume stand out in 2020.

modern resume template word free

If you are interested to see how I design these templates in Microsoft Word here is the link for my YouTube channel. If you do not have time to design these templates by yourself you can download it. It’s totally FREE!.

Watch the design process (on YouTube)

Premium Package

Those who want to go bit further with their job applying, I provide all set of guides to make it perfect and stand out from the competition.

✅ A modern professional resume template that’s easy to use and customize + VIP support if you face any difficulty 

✅ My educational value pack “resume writing guide + cover letter writing guide + LinkedIn tips + Checklists before you submit” includes many tips and tricks that you can stand out from the competition.

✅ FREE Planners: “Time management is very important to make everything perfect and be a successful person in both work & life” – You will get weekly, monthly and yearly planner to plan your every bit of seconds.

✅ FREE VIP support: I will guide you to solve your technical, resume, cover letter and LinkedIn issues, or if you need a formatting cleanup when you’re done, send it on over!

✅ Important: Instant Download | US Letter and A4 sizes included | PC and MAC compatible using Microsoft Word 

ATS friendly resume template Package Includes

Templates in Microsoft Word (.docx)

  • 2 Page Resume Template 
  • Cover Letter Template 
  • References Template
  • Letterhead Templates 


  • Resume Writing Handbook
  • The Road to Perfect Cover Letter
  • Top 25 Tips to Rock your LinkedIn Profile

Check Lists

  • Resume Writing Checklist
  • Cover Letter Checklist
  • LinkedIn Profile Checklist

Planners (Printables) 

  • Weekly Planner
  • Monthly Planner
  • Yearly Planner (250 Pages)

✅ Free fonts and instructions

Need Help? I’m here.

If you have a problem or a question, I have the solution!

TECHNICAL HELP: If your computer isn’t cooperating, you need me to move things around for you, or you could use a formatting cleanup when you’re all done, email it on over!

RESUME HELP: If you have any resume or career questions, or there’s something you’re worried about, ask away!

Email me!


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