Project Manager Resume Sample Breakdown

With modern professional resume template

Project Managers are the people who manage big tasks and push the projects forward. But sometimes it’s hard to write resume for well put together people. So let’s breakdown Project Manager’s resume.

Project Manager resume points

Format, Header, Summary, Work Experience, Education, Skills and Additional sections.

We strongly advice you to choose reverse chronological resume format as it shows your career development path from the beginning, which most recruiters are looking for. They are curious to know that how you achieved what you are today step by step, and how it helps to to solve their problems.

Resume header is most important real estate of your resume. It’s the first place hiring manger looks for. So you should include

Your name, contact information and your titles

Resume header

This is 2nd most important part of your resume. It give you overall picture of your career profile.

Resume Summary

Then Work Experience, Skills and Education and addition sections. For additional sections, you can add something like Conferences, Training, Certifications, Volunteering etc.

Follow these rules when putting work experience on your resume:

  • Start by listing your latest job title.
  • Add your company’s name and your start and finish dates.
  • Ass 1-2 sentences description about that company
  • Create a project manager job description.
  • Write 4-6 bullet points to showcase your achievements.
  • Use action words to describe your achievements and works.

For Education section

If you are experienced project manager, just list only your degrees, but if you are junior manager or just graduated and looking for junior position add;

  • Relevant coursework
  • Dean’s list
  • Latin honors
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Studying abroad
  • GPA on a resume

Skills to add

Cost Control | MS Office Skills | Risk Management| Teamwork Skills | Presentation Skills | Analytical Skills | Problem Solving Skills | Project Scheduling
Strategic Planning & Analysis | Business Development | Attention to Detail | Business Case Writing | Verbal and Written Communication | Organizational Skills
Critical Thinking | Mentoring | Time Management

How to choose best once which match to your applying job,

  • Write two lists of skills: your skills, and another one listing from the job listing.
  • Select skills that are in both lists to find your resume keywords.
  • Tweak your resume to prove those skills you selected

Do we need clear design?

Yes, it’s must. Minimalist resumes works well. Make good use of white space, eye catching layout, some colors with clear resume fonts.

How many pages?

Do not list more than 10-15 years of experience. 12 years of experiences is the sweet spot for haring managers. There for maximum is 2 pages, but if you can manage within 1 page, that would work. We highly recommended for 1-page reeusmes.

How to share your resume?

Save your project management resume template in PDF format, so it will keep your resume formatting intact.

Online presence?

Yes, you have to have professional online profile on LinkedIn. Make sure to optimize it with attention grabbing summary and profile sections to match your current status.

So including all of these, we created some simple and straight forward project manager resume template for you. It’s well balanced and professionally designed with career guidance experts to match to the industry standards.

This pre-made resume template will help you to quickly transform your old resume to more modern, eye catching and professional resume. This premium package include:

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modern resume template word free

Watch the design process (on YouTube)

If you are interested to see how I design these templates in Microsoft Word here is the link for my YouTube channel.

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