How to write killer professional resume summary

A resume summary, also called a professional summary is a concise paragraph or bullet points at the top of a resume. It’s know as resume of resume. Because it will introduction snapshot of your resume to reader about your skills and expertise. This section is more suitable for experienced job seekers who have years of experience. They can use it to present their professional highlights and key achievements. As a general rule, it’s recommended to have 3–5 killer sentences.

What is the professional resume summary

The resume professional summary is the most valuable real estate of your resume. It’s called as resume of resume. It gives the reader overall picture of your expertise, skills and achievements in concise manner without looking at rest of your resume. It’s simply big picture of you.

It’s the first thing hiring manager see. So it needs to be stand out for the first glance. It’s normally placed under your contact information. If you make it correct, hiring manager definitely go further into your resume and have a deep analyse.

It’s generally 3-5 bullet points which explain your expertise, skills and achievements. Some call this as resume summary, qualification summary, or statement. But everything do the same job, which make you stand out.

Why do you need a resume summary?

For simply, it’s to stand out from the competition and get noticed faster than others and getting magic call for interview.

Do you know the six second rule? It’s rule that explain in generally recruiters only spend 6 seconds to review the resume that get. Normally they get thousands of resumes for one job opening in large scale companies. So if you need to get noticed within that 6 seconds time, you have to have stand out professional summary. If you get it correct, it will encourage them to read the rest of your resume.


Professional summaries only work for people who have years of experiences in their career. The person who stayed in same job fro several years or worked in similar roles in same industry. Because summaries shows specific achievements and skills, and it takes time to master them.

How to write resume summary

Actually it’s teaser to your rest of resume, if you get it correct, there is a high chance of reader go beyond it. Therefore you need to add your most excitement career achievements in summary.

Follow the following tips to write great resume summary that can stand out.

#1. Draft your professional summary last

Ones you have completed other sections, it’s surprisingly easy to write your summary, because now you have overall picture of what you have done in all those years and what are the achievements and skills you gained throughout those years.

#2. The first things first

The first bullet point should describe your professional title with the number of experience you have under that title. You can also ad some adjective that elevate your title. The purpose of this is to introduce yourself at first glance. And do not forget to bold it. Something like this,

Influential and trans-formative PMP certified project manager with 12 years of experience.

#3. Make 3-5 bullet points, 4 points summaries work great.

Identify most impressive things you have in each of your careers. And reword them into highlighted bullet point including keywords. Make your potential hiring manager to keep reading. Did you win awards in past careers? Did you get more than 90% customer satisfaction? or Did you get over 30% user engagement through social media within 3 months?

#4. Make achievements quantifiable

Make sure to include at least one quantifiable data in each achievements, if it’s an achievements you should be able to quantify your achievements. It may be difficult at first for some achievements to quantify, but if you make an close attention, you will be able found some numbers for them.

Use percentages, numbers and sales figure to quantify them. It will give the hiring manager better understanding of your skills, capacity and expertise. Within a text document numbers play vital role, so take the advantage of the numbers.

#5. Let them know what you can do for them

The truth is recruiters always look for how to solve their issues from you, it’s hard truth that they never think about what you need. Sadly it is true. Business are here to make money, not to the solve your your problems. But you will get some monetary value in return for your service. So if you want to get into some particular job, keep saying that what you can offer them to solve their problems.

Make a clear points that how you can be a great assets to them and what values you bring to the table. Analyze your previous careers and note down how you solve their problems and what did you give them to solve their problems. Then compare them with what you are applying and create stand out points.

#6. Finally, tailor resume summary to specific job listing

If you really want to get into your dream job, then you have to specifically write resume summary to that specific job opening. Because different jobs need different skill sets and expertise. So you have to optimize your resume summary according to that specific job.

Analyze the job listing and identify keywords and optimize your summary with these keywords. These keywords consist with nouns, phrases and adjectives that elaborate the job position, related skills and expertise.

After you identified these keywords from the ad, cross reference with your skills and experience. In this way you write great professional summary that can go through the ATS that most large scale companies use.


I think you got the clear idea of how you write the resume summary. It’s easy if you understand the basics. So, let’s finish this with following points.

Highlight your proven experience: Just don’t list your skills. List what you achieved using these skills. For example, it’s better say that you achieved 30% increase of followers within 3 months than skilled in social media management.

Structure it well: Bullet points are highly effective to convey your message without much effort. It’s really easy to give your idea with points rather than block of text. They will make it looks professional and read well. And do not forget to make your current profession in bold.

Keep it short: Limit your summary to 3-5 bullet points. Otherwise it will not be a summary. Do no add anything else other than extremely specific to your applying job.

how to write killer professional resume summary

If you are looking for comprehensive resume writing guide, feel free to check this out.

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